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The only IP intercom solution you will need. Enjoy a 3-year warranty when you make a purchase today.

BAS-IP is an amazing IP Video Intercom system. Created with care and attention to detail, the product is manufactured considering usability, design and ease of use ensuring each device functions effectively. 

BAS-IP’s IP intercom devices stand out from the rest. One of its features includes a functional Android based touchscreen. This ergonomic design makes using the internal monitor controls a breeze. The products are designed around integrating with other systems and are KNX-certified. This certification is a distinction of quality and the ability to  manage smart buildings.

The best part? BAS-IP keeps track of the latest technology and market trends. With this in mind, the devices are top-of-the-line and aesthetically pleasing – which suit all types of properties may it be for budget or luxury.

What are the Main Features of BAS-IP?


Use your smartphone to access doors

All you need is your smartphone to open doors in any premises. With a simple download of the BAS-IP UKEY application on your mobile phone, readily access any buildings where BAS-IP outdoor panels are installed.



With the Link software, get centralized access control in homes and commercial properties. This incredible feature gives the flexibility of managing your intercom systems from anywhere you're located. It also considers data security measures. BAS-IP provides you with an easy-to-use backup and information restore system.

Safety is another key feature of our devices. Using the power of the cloud, it ensures privacy and stores information locally for accessibility.

Face recognition

Be smart in managing your property with BAS-IP Face Recognition ready entrance panels.

BAS-IP entrance panels are powered by 3D face recognition. It is a visitor identification technology, which is integrated into BAS-IP entrance panels. With its efficient product features, it is tested and works well in low light conditions.

When a person is identified, the entrance panel can automatically open the door and call the lift, as well as voice any important message or useful information about the property.

Guest Access

Property owners can easily give access to visitors. This feature can be used to let people enter premises and open door units. By using links and unique QR codes provided by residents, visitors can gain access to the territory of the complex. The guest access system is customisable by configuring settings for the number of passes, access points, time during which these restrictions apply and more.

Lift Control

Using the lift control modules, a few functions can be set up and configured. Using their login ID at the entrance, residents can pre-program the lift to bring them directly to their floor. Another feature is the ability for residents to open doors for guests and allow them to enter the premises.

Targeted Advertisement

The unit panels can show promotional and informational content on screens. It can be set up when motion is detected in front of the panel or in standby mode. The device also provides the option to show text or graphic content in screensaver mode on the video door entry monitor. It's a great way for advertising and brand awareness or information like repair services or restaurant openings within the complex.

Where can BAS-IP devices be used?

BAS-IP can be installed in apartment buildings, car parks, office blocks, hotels, shopping malls, and residential complexes – just to name a few places.

Make your homes and commercial properties more secure with this incredible system! 

A style to suit every building.

Check out some of our most popular designs.

AT-07L Video Entry Phone
AK-10L Video Entry Phone
AA-14FB Entry Panel
AA-12FB Entry Panel
AA-07B Entry Panel
BI-08FB Entry Panel

Get in touch with the expert team at HE Technology to discuss the latest IP intercom systems available. Give us a call at this number: (08) 6119 3848