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If you are an employer or manager here determining the best way to access the internet and keep your company’s data secure, you may have asked yourself which is better: Wi-Fi or data cabling in Perth. Let us reiterate a well-known fact: Wi-Fi is less reliable than data cabling if you’re accessing the internet for multiple tasks on multiple electrical appliances.

Businesses everywhere have to make sure that they set up the workplace in a way that motivates their employees to be productive and reach their full potential. This includes upgrading computer systems as and when necessary, and ensuring high network speed and uptime.

WiFi or Data Cabling?

You should turn to data cabling to aid in increasing employee productivity and growing your business. There are a number of data cabling options to research, keeping in mind your office’s larger data capacity and each cabling’s processing power.

Efficiency and Easily Identifying Problems

It becomes difficult in data cabling to pinpoint the source of a problem that has occurred; however, if you have chosen structured data cabling instead, it’s relatively easy to identify the issues that crop up and resolve them.

To increase business productivity, connection speed and network uptime matter. A structured network cable installation greatly helps increase speed and network uptime. It causes fewer problems and allows communication between your business and your clients to keep flowing (connection quality), keeping you relevant in their eyes. It also reduces maintenance costs. To this end, it makes sense to take the time to research and invest in the right cabling option.

If you already have structured cabling, think of upgrading it so that it supports your company’s data as well as the digital business phone system. For businesses, the emphasis with data cabling is on transferring information securely for alarm systems, IP security, VOIP phone systems, WAN and LAN connections for switches and routers.

What Data Cabling Option is the Best?

The highest quality cables to achieve the best performance and maximum security of your network are of the categories 5e, 6 and 7 for commercial grade reliability. Installing CAT6 cables is recommended over CAT5e cables. Although more costly, you should view CAT6 cabling as an investment as the speed it provides is 10 times that of CAT5e cabling.

Lastly, there is CAT8 which is the fastest Ethernet cable yet over short distances. At 2 GHz, it is four times faster than CAT6a, which is 600 MHz, and durable as well.

If all of this technical jargon is too confusing, call one of our experienced data cabling technicians to talk you through your options!

The Trusted Data Cable Installation Company

As to which data cabling service or data cable installer can provide quality cabling that’s within your budget, HE Technology provides all data cabling options for businesses, builders, developers, real estate or strata. If your business is located in Perth, we’re the data cable installer near you. Call us for more details.