Lighting Control System Installation

Turning the lights on for game days at Paloma Park, Marangaroo WA


A Smart Lighting Control System

We were contracted by Gillmore Electrical to supply, install and program a KNX lighting control system at Paloma Park playing field. This lighting control system would consist of 50-100 lights that could be controlled for game days, and light sensitive edging lights (using a PE Cell) for pedestrians/viewers. This system would have the capability to be controlled by the local council’s lighting controller via text message, as well as the KNX Dali Controller to allow for field flood light dimming.

Light Controller Unit
Paloma Park Lighting Tower Switchboard


Ease of use despite complex controls

We installed a KNX binary input that took a signal from the local council’s lighting controller. Doing this enabled the council to have complete control of the lighting control system, turning lights off and on with just a simple text message.

To save energy and accommodate light level changes throughout the seasons, we installed a KNX Dali controller to control the field flood lights. This enabled the council to dim the larger lights to an appropriate level and conserve energy. Another eco-friendly solution that was installed was a light level sensor (PE cell) to detect when the sun was setting, that would turn on the pedestrian walk lights around the edge for safety.

Looking back, here’s what we would do differently

We though this would be a straightforward job, however we had to change the control wiring as per the original design as the council’s lighting controller did not work as expected. If we could start this project again from the beginning, we would have tested the council’s lighting controller to see how it operated first.

What we are most proud of from this project

Given the complexity of the controls of this lighting control system, we were able to delivery exactly what the client wanted in just 3 days.

He Technology Installed Lighting Tower in Paloma Park Image 2