Port Hedland hired HE technology for design assistance, installation and ultimately, maintenance of a modern access control system at the town of Port Hedland’s new office complex.


A two-month Inner Range Access Control System & BAS-IP Intercom installation.

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HE technology excels in developing products related to security, access control and time management solutions. Our expertise lies in the development, installation, and maintenance of all our innovative systems and solutions. These include, but are not limited to, commercial access control systems, door access control systems and security access control systems.


The task we were deployed for was supplying and installing access control systems at three unique sites in the town of Port Hedland. This included upgrading an existing system at their civic centre for a youth club renovation. It also involved the provision of a modern access control system at their new office complex.


The main challenge we faced was developing the design brief. The town of Port Hedland knew what their needs were but were unable to translate those needs into design requirements. We assisted them before and after the roll-out of the entire project.

After installation of the inner range access control and base IP intercom, we provided complete remote after-installation support. This gained their trust and confidence that the access control solutions and installations worked as they were supposed to. Small tweaks to the programming resulted in delivery of the client’s dream project.


We were initially hired to install an inner range access control system at a new building, for which we quoted the engagement of a local electrician. Near the end of this project, Port Hedland requested that we provide further services for two additional locations.

After completing the three projects, we offered comprehensive training for the Port Hedland staff. We aimed to provide them with full control of all their sites from one central location. For this purpose, remote access was provided. This remote access model helped in extending remote assistance with any ongoing changes and training.


After recognising the poor original design, we prioritised getting it right. We are proud that Port Hedland was satisfied with our work and developed confidence in our expertise. This was reflected in their extension of two additional projects to our team. Port Hedland now has the ability to confidently monitor and maintain their own access control system.