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HE Technology

Specialists in Monitored Security Systems for Perth Homes and Businesses.

A break-in or a compromise on your security can happen at any time of day. That’s where 24-hour security monitoring comes in, providing you and your property with an extra level of security. With this service, there will always be a local monitoring station watching over your property 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring your family, possessions, employees, and customers are safe from any potential safety threat.

In addition to providing peace of mind, security monitoring systems can notify the security company, your family, or other designated individuals in case of an emergency to ensure you receive timely assistance when you need it the most. On top of the many perks already on offer, monitored security systems can also reduce insurance premiums.

HE Technology are the local security experts, specialising in domestic and commercial security solutions for Perth residents. Our comprehensive security monitoring Perth services include tecom access control installations, monitored alarm systems, and complete home security monitoring in Perth. Talk to us about your specific home or business security monitoring requirements and we will custom-design a solution suited to your needs and preferences.

Your Trusted Partners for Monitored Security in Perth

The safety of our clients is our top priority. Since we are strongly against the “one size fits all” approach, each of our 24-hour monitored security systems in Perth will be unique to the client for whom it is designed.

Our technicians will ensure that all triggers are linked correctly, so they can work efficiently to detect a threat or an invasion on your property. By making use of wireless 3G/4G connections, IP networks, and smart-CCTV technology, we can set up a system that monitors and guards your property 24 hours a day! We can also build off of existing integrated security systems to create an effective monitoring system that takes your home or business security in Perth to the next level.

Professional and Affordable 24 Hour Security Monitoring Perth

For most businesses, self-monitoring often proves to be ineffective, increasing time between a potential incident and the appropriate response and often doing no good unless they switch to professionally monitored security systems. While businesses and larger premises are the main clientele for our 24-hour monitoring services, we also offer round-the-clock residential security monitoring for homes across Perth and all nearby areas.

Commercial Security Monitoring Services

Your business is one of your most valuable assets. So, when it comes to security, it is not wise to rely on mere luck.

HE Technology offers commercial security alarm monitoring in Perth so that you can:

We supply and install premium quality commercial security systems in Perth WA, for businesses both big and small. Whether you run a retail store, a restaurant, a factory, a sports facility, or something else, our commercial security monitoring services, supervised by trained professionals, are sure to keep your property safe during and after business hours.

Residential Security Monitoring Service

Just like your business, your home is also vulnerable to threats and needs a reliable solution to counter them. Whether you are worried about leaving the kids at the mercy of caretakers while you go out for work, the well-being of elderly parents living alone, or what your teenagers are up to behind your back, we can remedy all your concerns with our monitored home security systems in Perth.

How Does Security Alarm Monitoring Work?

When you choose us as your 24-hour security monitoring services company, you can rest assured that your property is constantly monitored by a local monitoring station. As soon as the alarm notifies the operators of an emergency or a suspicious activity on your premises:

If you are looking for dependable security alarm monitoring in Perth, we’ve got you covered. Our technicians and team members are carefully selected for their experience, licensing, and ability to facilitate the diverse security monitoring needs of our clients.


The images your CCTV cameras are collecting are sent to an external remote monitoring station via an internet connection for remote monitoring. These stations are monitored by real people, and are specially made to react to any suspicious behaviour quickly, safeguarding your company or property from criminal harm.
The majority of CCTV security systems are capable of connecting online to a CCTV monitoring station, sometimes referred to as a Remote Video Receiving Center (RVRC). This connection may be active constantly or only when your site is unattended.
A network of cameras, monitors/display devices, and recorders makes up a video surveillance system. There are many aspects to investigate in cameras, including resolution, frame rate, colour type, and more, whether they are analogue or digital.
Sometimes self-monitoring 24/7 may not be an option, but the loss you may incur without it outweighs the initial and ongoing costs. In this instance, security professionals will advise professional monitoring to ensure your business’s IP, stock and staff are well protected.
There are three main applications for CCTV systems: as a deterrent, a forensic tool, and prevention (of theft, behaviour, etc).

Get in touch with HE Technology to find out more about our services.