4 Benefits Of Installing Network Data Cabling In Perth

Installing network data cabling at your home or business in Perth is a fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of a reliable and secure connection. With these services you can ensure a far more robust system that can link multiple machines together as well as provide a far more stable internet connection. Wireless may be a modern way to approach the internet and connectivity, but it offers a far less reliable way to connect and can experience far more downtime. Read on to see four benefits to this solution.

1) Security

One of the primary advantages of a reliable installation like this is that they provide a higher level security than their wireless counterparts. While there are measures of security in place, including passwords and protected Wi-Fi connections to help improve the security for wireless systems, they are never as secure as having a physical cable plugged into your router or hub.

2) Reduced Interference

Proper installation of these cable designs helps to greatly reduce the potential of interference caused by electrical and radio frequencies in the area. Wireless can be impacted by a number of external factors in this way. Wireless systems are extremely susceptible to radio frequency interference problems. This is not the case with shielded cable solutions that leave little to no room for interference of this kind.

3) Consistent Connection

One of the biggest concerns that many clients have on installation is concerns over the inconsistency of the connection. As data transfers are performed, a lapse in the connection or a  momentary lapse in the wireless signal can effectively mean you have to start over again and again, potentially losing information along the way. The less stable connection also slows down the transfer rate considerably or introduces unacceptable levels of data corruption as the signal wavers. A more physical, tangible solution like a cable provides a consistent connection that does not suffer from these momentary lapses but instead remains at its peak level of performance as long as it is kept in good condition.

4) Speed

Although not all internet and intranet connections will provide a speedy connection, the newer types of designs allow for a much higher rate of transfer. While some wired systems can go into the gigabit transfer ranges, many wireless layouts struggle to transfer more than a few tens of megabytes per second unless being actively curated to serve a certain rate of transfer.

Having reliable network data cabling installed in your building is an ideal way to connect your machines and ensure a more reliable internet connection at all times. While it may not have the mobility of wireless, the rate of transfer and connection security cannot be beaten. Contact Us today to find out more about these services!