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What are intercoms?

Intercom provides communication through audio and/or visual means between two or more parties.

Who needs intercoms?

Intercoms can be used in small or large scale applications. In addition to surveillance and reporting intruders, it can be used to control access and save costs by reducing the need for staff.

Types of intercoms

There are various options, but more commonly people are choosing IP based internet connected intercom systems. With the scalability to have 100’s of users, the ability to record images to the cloud, and remote access features, intercom options using mobile devices are becoming more and more popular. Internet connected systems give the end user the ability to see and communicate with the intercom and allow access, wherever they are in the world.

Which one is right for you?

There are many intercom systems on the market, and you get what you pay for. A poor quality system or poorly installed system can have low quality images, a bad user interface, and connectivity problems that aren’t backed by a long warranty. With the home and business becoming more connected, it makes sense to get a good quality system that has the potential to integrate and scale with your other building features.

Premium intercom options:


An intercom is an electrical tool that facilitates two-way communication, and remote access, such as unlocking gates or doors.
The hardware used in intercom systems includes tablets, phones, and loudspeaker systems. They can be wall mounted or freestanding, and are typically permanent fixtures in the areas where they are used for communication.
In addition to added safety, home intercom systems are also effective for people with limited mobility. They enable people to communicate without the need to leave a room, which can also suit those with very busy lives, or large properties.
In order to use features such as video calling and remote management, modern intercoms need to be connected to the internet. You have two choices if your intercom requires an internet connection: an Ethernet cable-based hardwired internet connection, or wireless.

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