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Hills - Security System Manual Image


The Hills or DAS alarm system can simply be armed or disarmed by just entering your 4 digit alarm code.
The power light will flash on the keypad when the system detects a low backup battery.
The Hills and DAS alarm most common battery is a 12v 7aH battery.
Once you replace the battery in a Hills or a DAS alarm you need to power the entire system down. Disconnect the AC and backup battery then connect the battery first then turn on the AC.
If your service light is on after you just replaced the battery you will need to reset the time on the system. You can do this by pressing *97 (code) 1230 (In this example the time is 1230) If this doesn’t work there is another fault and you will need to go through the fault finding menu.
This is usually because there is an unsealed zone. The flashing number on the keypad during code entry typically indicates an unsealed zone, such as an open door or window or someone blocking a motion sensor.