6 Reasons Why a Professional Security System Installation is Worth It For Your Business in Perth

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Are you thinking of getting a security system for your new business? Or do you feel that your business needs an updated and more reliable security system tailored to its safety needs?

Whatever your reasoning, no one can deny the many benefits a new and improved security system can bring to your business. Not only will it protect your business from theft and vandalism, but it will also give you 24/7 surveillance and recorded footage in case of a robbery or employee-related issue.

Security camera installation costs can be the determining factor when choosing CCTV installation services. So, how do you choose between the DIY route or professional CCTV installation services near you?

We’ve put together a list of things that will help you to decide which option is a better fit for you. These are:

Business Size and Security Requirements

The size of your business is possibly the most important factor when choosing a security system. Larger businesses require a customised security design that identifies vulnerable locations and weak points in their floor plan. Even if you can identify these areas, there’s still camera positioning and mounting to consider. It’s simply not possible to do a DIY installation on a larger property without the necessary technical expertise and skills.

If your business is smaller or doesn’t have too many open spots, a few cameras with a pre-designed system may be able to do the job. But basic security systems with fixed features cannot compare to the flexible and advanced security features of professionally installed CCTV systems.

Analogue or IP Cameras

Both analogue and IP camera types require specific cabling structures. IP cameras transmit data digitally and require structured data cabling. Analogue cameras require more equipment with coaxial cabling. Both cameras offer different monitoring ranges. IP cameras have better coverage for longer distances while analogue cameras are limited in both their resolution and coverage capabilities.

If you’re renting out your business property, getting extensive cabling can be expensive and difficult to uninstall when moving. So, analogue cameras may be the best choice for you. But IP camera CCTV security systems provide a whole range of extra security features such as cloud storage and exceptional video resolution. If you own your business property and can bear the initial investment cost, IP CCTV systems are the best option in the long run. They are cost-effective and can support your business’ growing security needs.

Warranties and After Sales Support

Professional CCTV installation can be more expensive than DIY but it comes with long term warranties and ongoing technical and after-sales support. DIY security systems come with limited warranties and little after-sales support.

Outdoor or Indoor

What are your business security requirements? Do you need basic cameras for indoor surveillance or sophisticated ones for outdoor surveillance with sensors and environmental protection? Installation and equipment costs may vary depending on the functions and capabilities of the cameras you need. Some cameras give a fixed view, leaving areas around it unprotected. Others can be mounted to provide a 360-degree view.

Technical Expertise

CCTV camera installation may seem simple on paper, but it’s not at all. Pairing your cameras with multiple wires, routers, modems, and cabling requires advanced technical skills and experience. If all you need is a couple of mounted cameras that give a live feed, then installing them yourself is doable. But modern security systems have automated options and automatic security alarms and updates. They require a specific level of technical expertise to install and maintain.

Scalability Options

One of the most important features of CCTV security systems are the scalability options they offer. If you don’t mind having a standard security system with the same features for years to come, then a DIY installation is your best bet.

But modern security system installations have long-term contracts for your benefit. They are designed to adjust to a developing business with growing security requirements. This removes the need to buy more equipment and install new cabling whenever you need an update or extension of your security system.

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