A Commercial Intercom System For Every Business

For businesses, a commercial intercom system is more than just monitoring visitor access. For improved internal office communications and essential security upgrades, you might need to consider installing an IP based internet connected intercom system that gives you remote access, cloud features and the ability to integrate it with your office systems, offering you the scalability to add hundreds of users.

Why an IP Intercom System?

An IP intercom harnesses the power of the internet and digital technology to transmit data to the required destination. The “IP” stands for Internet Protocol and means that it can access complex data in larger volumes such as video, audio, recording or storage and connect with your businesses existing network infrastructure by travelling through the internet.

This gives the ability to communicate independently with a single individual or multiple parties and have remote access from any location. IP intercom systems are flexible and easy to use, with many additional benefits that make them an essential requirement for private and government-run businesses.

How Does A Commercial Intercom Help Your Business?

The current era of digital technology has evolved intercom systems from a simple audio permission method to a complex security system that serves more than one purpose with multi-functional advantages.

Some of the benefits a commercial intercom system offers your business are:

Added Control And Security

An IP based intercom system uses the internet to transfer data from one terminal to another. That allows you to control the entry and access points in your business from anywhere in the world. You can grant or revoke access with just the touch of a button on your device. Furthermore, with PIN access features, you can also decide who has permission to operate your intercom system. There are also additional security features for automatic locking to sensitive or high-security areas such as labs or research facilities. 

Cut Down On Operating Costs And Manpower
An IP intercom system also cuts down the cost of hiring additional security surveillance for your building, whether it’s physical or more cameras or monitor screens. You have centralised control for all entry and exit points with the users’ ids configured in them. You can even grant visitors temporary access with visitor pins. For those visitors who haven’t been programmed into the system, the office admin can open the doors remotely with visual and audio supervision.

Works With Your Local Network 

So far, the biggest advantage of an IP intercom system is its flexibility. It can integrate with your digital infrastructure and give you added features such as connecting with your management software and smart locks in the building. It can be programmed to work with your existing keycards and connect with third party access control systems.

You can even grant remote access after office hours or urgent meetings, saving you valuable time and backlogs that come with security delays.

No More On-site Repairs And Upgrades

IP intercoms have a cloud-based computing system that can be logged into from anywhere you want. It negates the need to have technical engineers and network operators on site 24 hours a day. Any necessary upgrades or expansions can be done by your technical managers the minute you need them. There is also instant communications from support teams and the involved personnel with recorded video surveillance and audio that provides you with instant data and online feeds, making tracking and internal communication faster.

Provides Both Internal And External Communication Facilities

Contrary to popular belief, commercial intercoms are not only for monitoring external visitors. You can also communicate with single or multiple people inside your office, relaying instructions or locating the employee you need at that moment.

You can also manage multiple office locations from one power station, negating the need to have independent systems for each office. It gives you seamless control and increases visibility which makes managing extensive business operations easier.

Extended Range And Automatic Notification Features

Typical or older intercom systems require you to stay close to your main power base or internet network. Whereas an IP based system has an extended range that can be configured across your entire building. That leaves no room for mistakes like allowing in unauthorised personnel or security breaches.

The added feature of setting notifications and rules and sending them to selected devices eliminates the need for daily emails or messages that may not reach the staff on time.

Innovate And Thrive With Commercial Intercom Systems 

Modern commercial intercom systems with IP based technology take your business operations and security to the next level. It gives your organisation the edge it needs to thrive in the digitally evolved business environment of today. The past year has seen the business operations shift from one base operations to working from home and over multiple locations. That has increased the need for added security and ease of business operations.

HE Technology offers video intercom systems with the latest technology and market trends. Our devices are top of the line and aesthetically pleasing and can be installed anywhere in your building. With Link and face recognition software and access to lift control, we consider all your requirements and specifications. That gives you a customised commercial intercom system integrated seamlessly with your existing software to boost business transparency and security.