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Your Reliable Source for Electrical, Communication & Security Solutions

HE Technology is your one-stop premier destination for unmatched electrical, communication, and security services in Claremont, Perth.

With a sterling legacy of expertise and unwavering dedication, we take immense pride in serving as the custodians of your property’s safety while offering bespoke and comprehensive solutions that cater precisely to your individual needs.

Integrated Security Claremont

We are a team of dependable specialists committed to delivering personalised, integrated security solutions that seamlessly align with your unique lifestyle.

We understand that your home is not just a place; it’s a sanctuary where you should feel safe and comfortable at all times.

That’s why we go beyond conventional security measures to create systems that not only ensure top-notch protection but also integrate seamlessly with your daily routines.

CCTV Claremont

Our passion lies in setting a new benchmark for perfection in the domain of CCTV security camera installation and advanced long-distance cabling solutions.

Our driving force is the pursuit of excellence, and we stop at nothing to achieve this singular objective.

With a dedicated team of highly skilled CCTV installers in Claremont, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project we undertake, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the best.

SMATV Installation Claremont

We have earned our position as unrivalled experts in the realm of flawless satellite TV antenna installations and cutting-edge SMATV systems.

Our name carries an unmatched reputation for excellence, a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering the highest quality services.

From small-scale projects to large, complex undertakings, we fearlessly embrace every challenge, ensuring that our clients receive nothing but the best.

Data Cabling Installation Claremont

Our mastery of network data cable installation, optic fibre installations, and data cable design sets us apart as industry leaders.

With a proven track record of excellence, we take immense pride in delivering flexible solutions that precisely adapt to your unique requirements.

Whether you are a homeowner seeking to optimise your home network or a business owner in need of robust networking solutions, our team of dedicated data cabling installers is ready to cater to your needs.

Optic Fibre Installation Claremont

We take great pride in being the experts in optic fibre installations for large buildings, and quality is at the core of everything we do.

Our specialised knowledge and exceptional skill set us apart as leaders in the industry, enabling us to excel in the setup and repair of both single-mode and multimode fibre optic cables.

With our meticulous approach, we ensure flawless data transmission performance, unleashing the true potential of ultra-fast data transfer for your business.

Intercom System Installation Claremont

We are the leading provider of IP intercom systems, renowned for our unwavering commitment to excellent quality and security.

When it comes to safeguarding your property, we leave no room for compromise.

Our team of skilled experts specialises in the BAS-IP system, a cutting-edge solution that ensures seamless communication and robust security for your premises.

At HE Technology, we stand behind the quality and reliability of our IP intercom systems.

That’s why we include a 3-year warranty with every purchase, demonstrating our confidence in the durability and performance of our solutions.

Security Monitoring Claremont, Perth

HE Technology are the trusted local experts in security monitoring for homes and businesses in Claremont and the surrounding areas.

Our comprehensive range of services caters to your security needs, ensuring the safety of your property and loved ones. 

When it comes to controlling access to your premises, our team excels in professional installations of Tecom access control systems.

Whether it’s for your home or business, our access control solutions offer an added layer of security, allowing you to manage and restrict entry to designated areas with ease.

Security Alarm Systems Claremont

As licensed professionals specialising in commercial security alarm solutions in Claremont, we are dedicated to providing you with personalised security measures that go beyond conventional protection.

Our team of experts brings years of experience to the table, ensuring that your business is equipped with state-of-the-art security systems that leave no room for compromise.

About Claremont

Claremont has a rich and diverse history, dating back to the early days of European settlement in Western Australia. The area was originally used by the Noongar people as a source of water, fishing and hunting. In 1830, John Butler opened an inn at Freshwater Bay, which became a popular stopover for travellers between Perth and Fremantle. The area was later named after Claremont Estate, the property of settler James Morrison and his wife Clara. In 1881, the railway line from Perth to Fremantle was built, along with a station at Claremont, which sparked the development of the suburb as a residential and commercial hub. Today, Claremont is a vibrant and cosmopolitan suburb that boasts a range of facilities and services for its residents and visitors.

Discover the power of seamless communication and cutting-edge security solutions for your business or home in Claremont, Perth.

Let our expert team at HE Technology transform your connectivity and safety to new heights. 

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