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Offering Installation Of Grade A1 Security Systems And 24 Hour Local Monitoring.

Tailored Security Systems for Mandurah Residents

We keep your assets safe from break-ins and vandalism with our state-of-the-art, reliable monitored security systems in Mandurah.

With our licensed and specialist monitoring team available round the clock, we are ready to protect and support your property night and day.

Our full services include installation, maintenance and 24/7 monitoring of business and home security systems in Mandurah.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to securing a property. We offer home security in Mandurah with our security systems installation for your property based on your preferences as well as the unique design of your premises.

When we install home alarm systems, our first step is to assess your property to determine which system would provide the best protection. With extensive industry experience, we provide custom-made security solutions that guarantee years of reliable protection.

We have a comprehensive range of home alarm systems, each with different features to match different security needs. For instance, if your commercial property has large glass windows, we will provide a system with glass break sensors.

With every installation, our aim is to set up a system that matches your requirements, so that you can enjoy optimum security.

Monitored Home Alarm Systems

Monitored alarm systems combined with security cameras in a Mandurah residence provide a high level of protection. We install top-of-the-range CCTVs and alarms which are directly connected to our monitoring station. When your alarm is triggered, our trained staff are quick to respond and take steps to ensure your security. With our system in place, you can sleep soundly or go away on a vacation without worrying about the safety of your home.

Commercial Alarm and Security Systems in Mandurah

Business premises, especially in the retail sector, such as grocery or clothing stores, are at high risk of break-ins and theft. We help protect businesses and save them from huge monetary losses. Our monitored security systems in Mandurah are an effective deterrent to potential criminal activity and can get emergency responders to your property ASAP.

Large-scale business buildings can benefit from our data cabling services in Mandurah for top of the line security systems that provide end to end monitoring and security solutions. Structured data cabling and CCTV camera installation allows us to design a custom security system that connects all the surveillance, access control and CCTV systems to one network, providing central control and real time monitoring.

How Our Monitoring Systems Work

Our monitored security adds protection to your property. When you choose us, you get a team of highly trained experts who are ready to respond 24/7 in the case of a security breach. Our monitoring station is local and based in Perth. We are familiar with your area and know exactly who to contact and what to do. We promise a rapid response time at any time of the day.

We are the trusted Mandurah security alarm system suppliers. We protect residential and commercial establishments with:

What We Offer

Benefits of Our Monitored Systems

Are you looking to stay ahead of potential security threats to your home or office?

As the leading security alarm wholesalers in Mandurah, we can provide the best security monitoring for your premises.

Get in touch or book a consultation with a security expert at HE Technology today.