What Is An Integrated Security System, and How Will It Help Protect My Perth Business?

Your business relies upon your assets; your employees, products, technology, tools, and cash flow. If these assets are not secure, neither is your business. That’s where integrated security in Perth come in. They act as the most bulletproof form of protection against burglars, thieves, vandals, and fraudsters in Perth. However, you need to understand them to understand their efficacy. Let’s take a closer look!

What Is An Integrated Security System?

Integrated security systems are a melting pot of multi-layered security elements that join forces to produce an impenetrable system. The overall focus of these systems is on maximum security to ensure the best protection for your Perth business.

For example, HE Technology can install intelligent triggers that allow you to turn lights on remotely for the illusion of someone being inside your business. You can even enjoy audio-based intrusion detection, fingerprint scanners, facial recognition, video monitoring, and much more with the support of 24/7 support.

Alarm Systems

These alarms will be linked to your phone and a local security centre. If any form of intrusion or activity triggers the alarm, you and your security company will be notified instantly. And that’s not all. These alarm systems also include panic buttons for emergencies and smoke detectors.

Access Control Systems

Whether you want these to be systems to be controlled locally or remotely, you can decide who is allowed access to doors, gates, lifts, and any other entrances. You control who goes and who does not, allowing you added peace of mind. Lost cards or ex-employees will immediately be denied access, and you can even give contractors and outsourced employees temporary access for specific periods!

What Can It Do For My Perth Business?

Simply put, your business and its assets will be fully protected all hours of every day using strategic combinations of the latest technologies. So much so, that threats will be deterred before they become a crime. It’s not about catching criminals red-handed, but deterring them from trying in the first place.

If a robbery or incident does occur, these systems ensure that you will be completely covered. Video recordings will capture the identity of any intruder, and any false liability claims will be foiled thanks to this high-resolution footage. Security is serious business, so at HE Technology, we take it a step further.

We match our state-of-the-art integrated security systems with technicians of the same calibre. Our crew are on-call 24/7 and are only allowed involvement in projects once they have received police clearances and the relevant licensing for added assurance and expertise. On top of that, all of their training is approved by our systems’ manufacturers.

Are you ready for uninterrupted sleep and peace of mind knowing your business is fully protected 24/7? Then don’t settle for standard integrated security systems. Come to Perth’s leading security specialists – HE Technology!

With over 20 years of experience designing and installing specialist security systems and infrastructure, we’re armed with expert insights that guide us in offering internationally-recognised protection for homes and businesses.

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