Top 4 Benefits of Security Monitoring Services For Your Perth Home

CCTV Camera Installation and Security System in Perth

24-hour security monitoring is key to your peace of mind that your home is safe and secure. By installing a monitored security system, you can rest assured that your Perth home is under constant watch by a trusted security monitoring service – whether you are at home or away. During an emergency situation, where every second counts, having a monitored security system in place will also reduce the time it takes to connect to the Perth police department, fire service, or other rescue service, meaning a quicker response time!

A security monitoring system works by:

  • Gathering and analysing data for the detection of suspicious activities or unauthorised access attempts to your system.
  • Defining the behaviours that should trigger an alarm so that the necessary security measures can be taken whenever such an incident occurs.

Here are the top four reasons why you should invest in a monitored security system for your home in Perth:

1. Effective Crime Deterrence

Monitored security systems are one of the most effective tools for crime deterrence. They also play an important role in making sure neighbourhoods are safe from potential burglaries and theft. These systems not only scare off burglars from attempting to break into your home, but also notify local authorities when this does happen. A timely response from local authorities is important and can save you from any possible losses that may have happened otherwise.

2. Enhanced Safety Against House Fires

In the event of a house fire, your smoke alarms will alert you and everyone in your home to evacuate and to call your local fire services immediately. However, by installing alarm monitoring services, you will also be notified that your smoke alarms have been triggered even if you are away from home. When choosing a monitoring service, you can even choose for local authorities to be immediately informed in the case of a fire emergency, saving precious lives as well as your hard-earned possessions.

3. Discounts On Insurance Premiums

An added benefit of investing in security monitoring for your Perth home is that you can qualify for insurance discounts. Note that the percentage of discount varies depending on the type of security system installed at your property. These extra savings, along with all the other safety benefits, make security monitoring services a worthwhile investment for your home.

4. Allows Remote Monitoring

With a 24-hour monitoring service, you can remotely monitor your home through your smartphone. This feature is especially useful if you have elderly parents, pets or unsupervised kids at home. You can ask your service provider for CCTV 24-hour monitoring along with access control, so you can easily monitor the CCTV cameras installed in your home and control who can access your premises while you are away. With smart door locks, you can also let your kids in after they are back from school, so they no longer have to carry their house keys to school and back.

There’s no match to the peace of mind that you can achieve with a security monitoring service. It relieves you of the constant fear of leaving your loved ones behind while you are at work, since you can check in on them at any time from your smartphone. This added sense of security enables you to perform more productively at work and brings an overall positive change to your life. Other than keeping potential intruders away, you’ll also be able to keep an eye on who your teenage kids are inviting over during your absence.

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